Small Mouth Sounds

Costumer Tilly off (her) own imaginative work when the five eccentric strangers (and one latecomer) involved in this drama start filing in, humping a great assortment of gear, and take their seats on the small stage.
— Marilyn Stasio, Variety
Tilly Grimes’ costumes are small marvels of character observation, especially Alicia’s general air of disarray and Rodney’s all-too-carefully arranged collection of casual sweaters and scarves, matched with rings and bangles to make a “spiritual” look.
— David Barbour,
Tilly Grimes deepens these character details with her smartly chosen costumes: Ned keeps his head covered with a camouflage ski cap, perhaps as a way to hide something. Jan clomps around the stage in Chef Crocs that few middle-aged American men would ever buy. Rodney dons a loose-fitting mesh sleeveless shirt. A grey patterned scarf that dangles fashionably from his neck: Keffiyeh™ by American Apparel.
— Zachary Stewart,