The Goverment Inspector

Tilly Grimes’s period clothing for the women, in particular, reminds us of how crucial costume is in defining character in comedy...
— Ben Brantley, The New York Times
(The) two-tiered set resembles comic strip panels... (it is) matched by Tilly Grimes’ splendid cartoon costumes.
— Michael Dale,
...Anna, is portrayed by Mary Testa, who has been transformed by the costume designer, Tilly Grimes, into a rose-tinted flotilla of ribbons and crinolines, moving around with the imperturbability of a battleship. (“Why are you dressed like a lamp in a whorehouse?” wonders her husband, surveying one of her gowns.
— David Barbour, Light and Sound America
...Conjure(ing) visions of dueling aristocrats and dying swans ... Tilly Grimes’ ostentatious costume plot is no less grand...”
— Zachary Stewart, TheatreMania