Twelfth Night

Tilly Grimes’s outfits are enhancing.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, played by Jordan Coughtry, who wears a striped jacket, white pants and a straw boater with the hapless aplomb of Hugh Grant playing Harold Hill in “The Music Man.” The costume designer Tilly Grimes’s other stand-out creation, worn by Olivia, is a sort of desperate pink prom dress with a colossal bow in the back and one too many skirts.
— Anita Gates, The New York Times
...elegantly designed (with a touch of surrealism)...The strange-world setting reminds us to look beyond appearances and see the metaphoric meaning of things. That also applies to the characters living in a world of misplaced love...Olivia shows how an open heart can move a person from mourning back into life. Indeed, the play itself is a testament to that. (She also wears Tilly Grimes’ fanciful costumes beautifully.)
— Frank Rizzo, The Hartford Courant