Eager to Lose

...in each scandalous sketch, we get a good look at Tilly Grimes’ impeccably flamboyant costumes before the girls bare it all
— Hayley Levitt, TheatreMania.com
Tilly Grimes’ extravagant and sexy costume design is a feast for the eyes, as every burlesque number grants the audience new and marvelous visual treats. The effect is dazzling and instantly believable.
— Oscar Lopez, StageBuddy.com
Costume designer Tilly Grimes also creates visually pleasing vintage-inspired costumes that bring to mind the golden age of burlesque. Eager to Lose makes for a fun night out with its mix of laugh-inducing comedy and seductive, visually pleasing burlesque numbers.
— Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre is Easy
The first thing you notice about the Tim Tam Room is the swanky technical designs...the glam of the costumes, you feel as if you are teleported back to the height of the vaudeville cabaret era
— Sydney Arndt, Show Business Weekly
A farcical, semi-interactive burlesque fairytale – The place has a cabaret feel. In the script it’s described as having “a sexy lounge atmosphere….with a 1950s/60s mod edge married to something more contemporary” – a concept beautifully realized...(in) the magnificent costumes by Tilly Grimes.
— Dmitry Zvonkov, Stage and Cinema.com