The Wildness

They dress up in sexy storybook costumes designed by Tilly Grimes
— Ben Brantley, The New York Times
The Wildness, whose pretense of “reality” turns out to be just as fantastical as the fable it tells with ...crazy blue wigs, and larger than life costumes (playfully designed by Tilly Grimes).
— Haley Levitt, TheatreMania
a skirt made of diaphanous layers of gold and a black bustier with red boning on top, cuts a commanding and glamorous figure... (Spangled panties are only one of the costume designer Tilly Grimes’ many outrageous inventions; David Blasher, the group’s cellist, is dressed in a feathery sheath that looks like he has donned an outfit made of a murder of crows.)”
— David Barbour, Light & Sound America