The Underground Railroad Game exceptionally resourceful design team, the play conjures searing theatrical visuals to match its wayward words, the sort of images that used to send people to Freudian analysts when they cropped up in nightmares.
— Ben Brantley, The New York Times
Tilly Grimes’ set design lays out different spaces for the schoolroom scenes and sequences of sexual play; her costumes include that weirdly evocative outfit for Annabelle — whose skirt, by the way, converts into a pup tent for Stuart and Caroline to fool around in...
— David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America
“...At one point...(the) drawn curtains open on Tilly Grimes ... adaptable set to reveal Kidwell standing sideways in an exaggerated Civil War outfit...”
— David Finkle, Huffington Post
Each of the designers is exceptional and compliment each other and the play in balancing satire, irony and comedic bedlam concerning race and romance.
— Cynthia Allen,